Our mission is to make k-5 world language and culture programming available to all MT students;  ensure all the languages available at MSU-Bozeman are available k-12 to students of Gallatin Valley; and to promote positive programming celebrating a multi-cultural Bozeman.

To help us in meeting our goals, in 2019 WLI-MT is working hard to grow our organization and expand the number students we reach in Bozeman area communities.

Middle Creek Montessori elementary students
practicing Mandarin Chinese characters (Feb 2019)
Programs for 2019-20 (k-5)
  • After-school World Language & Culture Exposure - play and game based classes offering an introduction to language & culture. Fee-based model with scholarships available. Located typically on school sites, with school support but class payment by parents or PAC. Lessons are taught in target language 70-90% of time depending on coach skills and abilities.
  • In-school World Language, Art & Culture  - through art and activity-based lessons our professional language educators foster an affinity for language and culture, and through vocabulary and phrases, establish a foundation for language learning. Content integrated lessons with language, culture and art as the focus. Language is heavily incorporated into the activities and lessons. In target language ~50% of lesson.
  • In-school day Block Language Classes - more formal and language-focused lessons, within the context of geography, art, STEM, and culture. Lessons taught in a dynamic, interactive and activity-based format. In the target language for 90-95% of teaching time.
  • After-school Language Immersion - this is a project-in-the-works. Fee-based for students with a high level of interest in progressing in the target language.  Classes to be offered weekly @ the Emerson Cultural Center from 4-5pm in partnership with Ecole Francaise. Classes use the immersion model, i.e. in target language 95-100% of lesson.

For 2019, coaches are available for placement into schools throughout the Bozeman Area.  If your school is interested in starting an in-school-day or after-school world language program, please contact us at

  • After-school World Language & Culture Exposure classes (grades k-5): $216 for 18 weeks of 1 hour classes. Scholarships available. 
  • World Language, Art & Culture (in school day): $30-$50 per class (depending on timing, coach experience and # hours taught)
  • Block Language Classes (in school day): Fees are negotiable depending on the location of the school and the number of consecutive hours taught. For planning purposes teaching rates range between $35 and $40 per hour taught.
  • After-school Language Immersion (grades 1-12): Families will be able to buy a set of classes or monthly unlimited to participate. Class sizes will be limited to 10 students on a first to sign up basis. Cost per class is TBD, but likely ~$16 per class.