WLI-MT is a small non-profit that runs educational programming to create k-5 world language and culture learning opportunities for Bozeman students. In 2018-19 we hope to expand our programming to include opportunities for the Gallatin Valley. Please contact Elizabeth Williamson at worldlanguageinitiativemt@gmail.com for more details.

Below are ways (both paid and volunteer) to become involved and part of the world language education team!
Volunteer Positions

World Language Coaches, Kristen Wolf (Spanish)
and Christina Clark (Chinese) & Intern - Summer Camps 2018
WORLD LANGUAGE INTERN- this opportunity is during the school year for young and adult EL students, BHS AP language and international study abroad students, as well as MSU language students who are interested in language and culture education. We love match interns with our world language coaches in our after-school year classes, as well as in our summer camps. It's a great way to practice, learn from a mentor language educator, and to build your work experience and resume!

WORLD LANGUAGE PAC LIAISON- as a parent of a Bozeman School District k-5 student, become a world language liaison at your school. The liaison supports this k-5 initiative by joining your parent group and acting as a representative of the program for your school.

Paid Positions

World Language Coach Paola Torres
& Exec. Director Elizabeth Williamson
WORLD LANGUAGE COACH- this is a part-time k-5 teaching opportunity is for highly proficient, fluent or native speakers during the school year (October through April). We are always seeking new coaches who have an aptitude and passion for k-5 language and culture education.

We are now offering half-day World Language Summer Camps for ages 4-12 during in partnership with the City of Bozeman during the July and August months. We will be looking for coaches to run week long camps starting in November of 2018. Summer Camp wages depend on camp enrollment. Baseline wage $20/hour which increases based on number of participant in your camp. Camp sizes range from 6-15 students. Please email us if you are interested!

Our most successful coaches are strong in the following 4 skill areas: 1) connecting with you children (ages 5-11), 2) very organized and self-reliant, 3) activity-based lesson planning & implementation (think language-based arts & crafts!), and 4) in-person and email communication.

Ready to apply? Fill out a WLI-MT World Language Coach application form.

Details about being an after-school World Language Coach during the school year :
  • Part-time position
  • Classes run from 3:30-4:30; on Fridays 2:10-3:10
  • Locations at all 8 Bozeman School District elementary schools
  • Between 2 and 3 classes available
  • Pay is $45-$60 per class hour taught (DOE)
  • Classes run for 18-weeks (18 hours total) and tied to Bozeman School District schedule
  • Classes start October 1 and run through April (8 weeks in Fall and 10 weeks in Spring)
  • Certificate in education is not required
  • Fluent, near fluent or native speaker of language teaching
  • Experience working with kids
  • Comfortable with k-5 group dynamics
  • Willingness/enthusiasm to deliver energetic activity-based world language and culture program to k-5 student
  • Comfortable and experience working independently
  • Experience in classroom an/or instruction with k-5 age group