Native Speaker Tutoring (all ages)

Are you interested in a language tutor for either yourself, your family or children?

Participate in our Native Speaker Specialized Tutoring Program with Bozeman Area Community
EL (English Learner) "moms" and high school students.

In partnership with the Bozeman School District English Learner Program Coordinator, Ellen Guettler, The World Language Initiative - MT will put you in contact with a Bozeman Area Community member who is interested, available and capable of acting as a native speaker language tutor.

We are currently working on tutoring options in Spanish, Korean and Chinese.

Contact Elizabeth Williamson, WLI-MT Executive Director
at for more information.

See Bozeman Daily Chronicle article (2018) on current number of Bozeman School District EL students in our Bozeman Community.

Ellen Guettler working with Bozeman EL HS students