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World Language Coach- Getting Started with Teaching

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New Team Hires

If you've been approved as a world language coach or staff with WLI-MT, please fill out and submit our  hiring forms
  1. View & print WLI-MT hiring forms
  2. After filling out forms, you may submit digitally or in person at McDermott Financial Services
Need to finalize your employment with WLI-MT as a WL coach? Complete the following final steps)
  1. Complete the BSD7 criminal background check (save receipt and submit to WLI-MT for reimbursement
  2. Complete the BSD7 Volunteer Form (print, sign and send us a digital copy)
  3. Read BSD7 Volunteer Handbook
Detailed list of world language coach responsibilities - Coaches Checklist 2018-19
    For more information about the running and operating our organization, and details on the World Language k-5 Enrichment Before-/After-school Program - Read our World Language Initiative - MT Handbook 2018-19