Thursday, January 18, 2018

Note to Parents: World Language k-5 Classes Continue, starting Wednesday, January 24th!

Dear Bozeman World Language k-5 Parents,

You should have already heard from your school's World Language PAC Coordinator and your child's World Language Coach, but we wanted to also remind all parents/students:  Spring Session of the 2017-18 World Language Enrichment k-5 classes resume this coming Wednesday January 24th! Monday/Tuesday first Spring classes will be held January 29/30. Spring Session runs for 10 weeks ending the week of April 16th, with makeup classes (for PIR days and teacher absences only) the following week. 

If you have any questions about your's school's program, please contact your school's coordinator. In addition click here to see the Bozeman World Language Enrichment k-5 2017-18 All-School Schedule. 


With the start up of the Spring Session, we also wanted to update you on some changes to the Bozeman World Language Enrichment k-5 Program and let you know of some improvement that we are working on for next year! 
  • Established a MT World Language Non-profit: To date, the Bozeman after-school world language enrichment program has been a volunteer initiative, brought to you via a partnership between the Bozeman Friends of World Language (FWL) community group, the Bozeman elementary school PACs and the Bozeman School District. Through this partnership, world language coaches have been coordinated by FWL & the PAC as Bozeman School District part-time district employees. In August 2017, FWL established itself as a formal 501-C3 and changed it's name to the MT World Language Initiative (WLI-MT). As a non-profit, WLI-MT will enable to grow and strengthen the delivery of world language and culture education to the Bozeman k-5 community. Starting in the Fall 2018, via WLI-MT, there will be a paid Overarching World Language Enrichment Coordinator, whose role will be to reduce the work load on the part of the volunteer World Language PAC Coordinators, as well as streamline and strengthen the coordination and delivery of the program. 
  • First WLI-MT Appeal 2017-2018: In December, WLI-MT sent out its first fundraising appeal with the goal of initiating a formal scholarship program, streamlining operations and coach training. If you would like to show your support for this initiative and help jump-start our increased efforts as a 501-C3, please consider making a tax exempt donation by either visiting our Donate webpage or going directly to our PayPal donation page.
  • The Bozeman World Language Enrichment k-5 program: We are now a team of 22 part-time coaches in 8 languages, with 8 volunteer school coordinators and 2 WLI-MT part-time staff! See our World Language Team Contact webpage. We have extended our program to 18 weeks with an 8-week Fall and 10-week Spring Session. In the Fall, we held 35 classes across the 8 elementary schools with 320 k-5 students enrolled. For the Summer of 2018, based on parent feedback and student requests, we area working to set up week-long camps in partnership with the City of Bozeman in French, Spanish and Chinese. Look for more information from us and in the City of Bozeman Summer Program Flyer in March!
  • Improvements for 2018-19: This Spring, we will be working on improvements for next years program. These changes will reduce the workload on the school PAC volunteer coordinator, as well as streamline enrollment and communication. Look for more information about in May.
  • World Languages k-5 2018-19 Schedule/Enrollment: Next year's program will be advertised and distributed to k-5 families before the end of the school year and then again in late August. Classes for next year will again be 18 weeks, with a Fall 8-week and Spring 10-week sessions. Enrollment will begin at the start of the school year and will be accessed for all schools through a centralized portal.

Also, please consider filling out our World Language k-5 parent/student program evaluation and help us continue to improve and strengthen the program!

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