Wednesday, March 1, 2017

More on: Why learn another language! Data from the Middlebury Interactive Languages Program

Bozeman's Friends of World Language is committed to helping parents and kids in our community have greater access to World Language learning opportunities.

Many of us are parents ourselves, so we know that often it is hard to justify the cost of language enrichment over other enrichment activities. 
But! There are definite reasons WHY it is important and good for your child. Pulling from the Middlebury Interactive Languages Program, here are just a few reminders!
  1. In a Florida study, kids who knew two languages scored an average of 23 to 34 points higher on both math and language arts standardized tests than kids who only spoke one language.
  2. Babies raised in bilingual homes demonstrated superior cognitive ability—specifically the ability to seek new stimuli more quickly—as early as seven months old. (And according to the National Academy of Sciences, that’s an early indicator of a high IQ.)
  3. Fifty-four percent of preschool-age bilingual children are able to easily distinguish the meanings of words. (Most children aren’t able to do this until elementary school.)
  4. People who know more than one language are able to pay attention for 20% longer on average than their one-language-speaking friends. (Now that certainly would come in handy during a long class period, wouldn’t it?)
  5. Bilingual people have 0.05 cubic millimeters of gray matter in the parietal regions of their brains. (In plain English, people who speak more than one language have more dense gray matter in their brains, making them smarter.)


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