World Language Classes 2017-2018

Bozeman's World Language Enrichment k-5 Program

World Language Enrichment k-5 classes are offered at all 8 Bozeman elementary schools through before or after-school classes.
  • The program offers classes in: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Sign and Spanish.

The Bozeman World Language Enrichment k-5 Program: Details & Updates
  • Year-long 18 week program: The 2017-18 world language enrichment k-5 program is a continuous, progressive 18 week Fall-Spring program
  • Cost: The full year-long program (18 weeks) costs $216 per student (with a school by school option to pay for fall and spring separately)
  • Scholarships: Scholarships for families with financial need will be available through your school's world language program
  • Class enrollment: Class signup at each school begins at the start of school in August. Look for letters home, email from your schools World Language PAC Coordinator, advertising at your school, or check back at
    Fall 2017 Session
    • World Language k-5 classes will begin Thursday/Friday, October 5/6th. M,T,W classes will being the following week. Classes will run for 8 weeks, with no classes on PIR days or the week of Thanksgiving. Classes will end the week of December 4th, with makeup classes (for PIR days or teacher illness only) running the week of December 11th.
    Spring 2018 Session
    • Classes will resume on January 24, starting with Wednesday classes. Monday, Tuesday classes will resume January 29/30th. These classes will run for 10 weeks. Depending on PIR days final week of classes is April 10 with a makeup week starting April 16th.
    Enrollment for Bozeman Elementary World Language Enrichment classes 2017-18 is now closed. Check back for 2018-19 enrollment at your school.

    Check with your school's World Language PAC Coordinator after June 1 to find out your school's scheduled classes and when enrollment for 2018-19 begins.  Note: Most schools will start enrollment at the very beginning of the school year.


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