By the numbers, 2018-19

By the numbers, 2018-19


  • Raised $20,000 from the community to support our programs
  • Established an $8,000 scholarship fund
  • Secured a $50,000 in QFI & US State Department grants for Arabic @ Irving Elementary
  • Secured a $1000 Humanities MT grant for Spanish Heritage Programming

Programs & Staff
  • 350 students enrolled in 37 classes in 18 week language & culture after-school program
  • 100 4th and 5th grade students participate in Friday Irving in-school-day Hour of Enrichment program
  • 35 grade 1-5 students receive in-school-day block language classes in Chinese, French and Spanish at Middle Creek Montessori
  • 22 world language coaches teaching at 9 k-5 schools
  • 17 world language coaches have both lived and taught in other countries outside of the United States
  • 10 members of the WLI-MT team are native speakers from Brazil, Egypt, Libya, Taiwan, Belgium, Peru, Venezuela, & Mexico
  • 8 world language PAC liaisons supporting language programs at Bozeman's 8 elementary schools
  • 6 languages taught in after-school and in-school day language classes: Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Sign and Arabic 
  • 6 world language community volunteers assist in-school day and after-school programs
  • 4 world language assistants are MSU language & education majors

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