World Language Art & Culture In-school Day Programs (grades k-5)

We are working hard to expand our language and culture programming during the school days in the Bozeman Area for the 2019-20 School Year. 

Funding: The programs listed below are supported either directly by the school or school-based Parent Action Committees (PACs).

@Irving Elementary
  • "Fourth Special Arabic" - 30 minutes per week, all k-5 grades, all classrooms
  • World Language & Culture "Hour of Enrichment (HOE)" is a program similar to middle school "PACE" program, whereby students get opportunities to pursue classes of their choice as electives. Irving has piloted this program over the last three years, where 4th & 5th grade students choose from world language enrichment classes on Fridays from 2:10-3:10. In 2019-20, Irving will be offering 20 weeks of Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese and Korean!
@ Morning Star Elementary
  • Morning Star is piloting their world langauge enrichment program with 20 weeks of Chinese Language and Culture for the 4th grade. Their program will begin in January (more about their program in the Fall, 2019)
@ Longfellow Elementary
  • Longfellow has chosen to pursue a content-integrated world language and art program. These 6-8 week long programs will be delivered to 10 of the 13 elementary classrooms at Longfellow in 2019-20. Check back in September 2019 to learn more about their program!
@ Middle Creek Montessori
  • Middle Creek students k-5 will be receiving world language and culture lessons from October - May during the 2019-20 school year. Students will receive 8-10 weeks of lessons in Mandarin, French and Spanish. 
Below are images from our Irving Elementary 2018-19 4th and 5th grade World Language & Culture Program

HOE educator, Lorena Santos and Irving students learning Portuguese about Brazilian culture

HOE educator, Lin Jia Ying and Irving students learning Chinese characters & calligraphy

Why support in-school day world language and culture classes at your school?

Benefits are two-fold

1) All students, regardless of resources, are able to experience additional enrichment opportunities that would otherwise not be available in the standard public school k-5 curriculum

2) In-classroom teachers have within school day collaboration time, due to the folding in of outside educators and experts.

Our 2018-19 international professional educators

Lorena Santos,
Portuguese & Brazil!
Paul Gomex,
Spanish & Physical Theater
Sayed Keliey,
Arabic & Egypt
Lin Jia Ying,
Chinese & Asian Art & Storytelling
With additional teaching support from:

LeiAnna Bertelson,
Destination Imagination Challenge Master
Monica Cross,
All things Art & Education

More about World Language & Culture In-School Day Program
The Hour of Enrichment Model
  • In 2018-19 we are offering 4 Class Options: Egyptian Art, History & Culture, Chinese Language Art, Food & Culture, Language and Culture of Brazil, and Spanish & Performance Theater.
  • All Tracks include 5 week of collaboration and team-building challenges through a program called Destination Imagination.  
  • This program is made possible through a US State Department grant and the generous funding from the Irving PAC parent group. 
  • If you are interested in this programming at your Bozeman Area elementary school, please email the World Language Initiative - MT at to learn more.